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X-rays and ultrasound
Blood and urine testing
Pregnancy testing
Pre- employment testing
Treadmill stress testing
EKG for heart stress testing
Cancer Screening
Allergy Testing
Travel Vaccinations

Finding what ails you requires careful listening and a passion for looking beyond the symptoms. We are Osteopathic physicians who have even more required training than regular doctors. We look for the connection between the systems in the body – especially the systems that impact muscles and bones. We look at all facets of health – lifestyle, diet, exercise, relationships and state of mind.

For aches and pains we may use a hands – on speciality treatment known as Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment to increase circulation to problem areas. We find this helps the body’s natural ability to heal without medication or surgery.

Your skin continues to change as you age, so we offer Botox injections to help you look your best at every age.