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Having allergies can be a small nuisance that affects your life only sometimes or a life-threatening affair.


Blood draws are no cause for concern and can be an essential part of diagnosing or monitoring health conditions.


With over 1.5 million people getting injections per year, Botox® has made a big impact on the cosmetic and general medicine communities.


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There are over 100 types of cancer, and most of them don’t show any symptoms until their dangerous late stages.


As medicine advances, so does the eradication of many diseases that once threatened the livelihood of large portions of the population.


When a doctor tells you that you need imaging, you may be concerned about the reason or about the imaging procedure itself.


X-rays are likely the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of medical imaging, and their abilities are extensive and fascinating.


Valley View Wellness Medical Center is a family practice and osteopathic medicine clinic located in Garden Grove, California. For over 20 years, Michael Z. Kurtz, DO, and the diverse team of specialists have delivered preventive care to patients of all ages and cultural backgrounds across Southern California. The team consistently exceeds patients’ expectations and forms personal relationships to gain a better understanding of them as individuals.

At the clinic, patients can find multiple modes of diagnostic testing for a thorough evaluation of their case. The clinic offers digital X-ray technology as well as ultrasounds for an internal view of their physical problems as well as on-site blood tests, cancer screenings, and allergy testing. Additionally, patients with possible heart problems can receive stress testing to ensure that they aren’t overworking their cardiovascular system.

Valley View Wellness Medical Center offers precise Botox® injections to treat neuromuscular complications like chronic migraine, cervical dystonia, and more. They also provide Synvisc-One® and Euflexxa® injections to promote injury healing and joint health. Children and adults alike can also get their immunizations at the clinic to be sure that they’re protected from life-threatening conditions.

No matter your condition, the team at Valley View Wellness Medical Center is dedicated to finding an accurate diagnosis and forming a treatment plan that works for you as an individual. For comfort and confidence in your treatment, call Valley View Wellness Medical Center or go online to book your appointment today.

Family Practice Physician

Michael Z. Kurtz, D.O

Michael Z. Kurtz, DO, is a board-certified family physician, osteopathic physician, and the medical director at Valley View Wellness Medical Center.

Board Certified Physician Assistant

Kristin Golden PA-C

Kristin received her master’s degree from Western University of Health Sciences after completing her undergraduate degree at CSU Long Beach. Kristin brings a wealth of knowledge with her and is looking forward to connecting with her patients here at Valley View Wellness Medical Center.

Board Certified Physician Assistant

Lynn Uchizono, PA-C

Lynn studied at both USC and UC Berkley and has been practicing for over 9 years in Family Practice.


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It’s always the word of mouth that’s the best advice. Here are some of our…


Christie S

Dr Michael Kurtz Is One of The Best in the OC!!! He treats his patients with gentle hands everyone is special to him in their own way. I’m a caregiver and I take my client to him since the first time I met him and saw the way he handled her it just melted my heart. Come to find out that my pastor and his mom are also patients


Debbie S

Dr Kurtz and his staff hire the most passionate and supportive professionals than I’ve experienced in any other office. Front desk, medical assistance, great support and understanding, Ms. Margit, setting the bar on working hard and my knowledgeable PA Tiffany Nguyen Is teaming up with me to get better! Highly recommend the offices.


Bobbi K

Now for Dr Kurtz.
Whoever is reading this, from the bottom of my heart, I believe you could trust him with whatever it is you have going on, & I do not say that lightly. My appointment with him today was top 3 of the absolute most vulnerable not only doctor appointments, but life moments that I have had thus far, & I don’t even have the words to describe how comfortable, safe & cared for he made me feel.


Deanne E

Dr. Kurtz is professional, takes his time, listens, and cares. I highly recommend Dr. Kurtz to my friends and family. He is truly one of a kind.


Justin N

Dr kurtz and staff are the best.


Perry W

Dr. Kurtz is the absolute best! Enough said. 😉


Kevin J

I was referred to Dr. Kurtz by a friend. He turned out to be the best Doc out there. Really took time with me to help me heal after injuries I sustained in an auto accident. Great bed-side manner, very knowledgeable and professional. Thinking about moving to him as my primary care physician.


David P

Best quality healthcare available! And Affordable! The staff at Valley View Wellness Medical Center, whom I’ve gotten to know well as primarily my primary physician, unless I had been otherwise indisposed at the time lol. But the Bedside Manner is unparalleled, and when you’re there, you can trust you’re in the best hands possible! Thank you all for helping me get my life back and help manage my medication that gave me hope again when I thought all was lost. G-D Bless you all; #REALHeroes, #PatientCARE


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